Payment Process in Parihara
Robust mechanism has been developed to ensure transparency and integrity in payment process and flow chart is as follows:

Advantages of Aadhar enabled payment through Parihara
  • Electronic transfer of fund directly to farmers account from the State which minimizes intermediaries and will ensure timely payment.
  • Accurate targeting and curbing pilferage by validating entries at multiple levels. Thus Parihara prevents malfeasance with input subsidy, which has been an biggest challenge for the governments.
  • Robust MIS to monitor the progress and to provide quick and convenient method for grievance redressal.
  • This is a onetime data entry, hence burden on district administration will reduce considerably for future disbursement of input subsidy. Thus there will not be disruption on developmental works.
  • Pressure on banks, especially cooperative banks will reduce.

The Parihara has had positive spin-offs as well and these are as follows:

  • Robust farmer-level data generated can be useful for planning purposes by all concerned agencies.
  • Updation of crop details in the RTCs, which will facilitate accurate yield estimation.
  • Success of Parihara has had cascading effect on other State Government schemes which involves disbursement of subsides.
Payment Sample Report
As on today, Rs.2450.47 crore disbursed to 34,93,655 farmers till date using Parihara application. Beneficaries can check the payment status by keying in either aadhar no or user ID in portal given below. The screen shot of the sample output is given below.